Entrepreneurs frequently turn to members of the community for invaluable support and advice. This is particularly important during a company's formative years, when it's critical to network, attend events, and connect with others. The chamber of commerce is among the best resources you can have when trying to tap into the business community, communicate with leaders in your field, and learn the fine art of business ownership. Here's what you should know about their impact.

A Guide to Chambers of Commerce

What Are They?

A chamber of commerce is a local organization designed to promote the interests of area business owners. Members commit to the betterment of the community, focusing on making civic and cultural improvements that boost the economy. The organization comprises area entrepreneurs and professionals and is governed by a strict set of policies. These rules are enforced by a board of directors or council group elected by the chamber’s membership.

chamber of commerce

The goal of any chamber is to serve as a supportive body for area shops, retailers, and businesses. They provide avenues for growth, development, and marketing and offer networking opportunities to connect like-minded individuals with one another. They also consistently devise plans that help companies prosper.

How Do They Benefit Businesses?

The chamber offers a body of support to help area businesses thrive. Networking is a key advantage that allows experienced professionals to teach and mentor small business owners in their fields. Learning from industry leaders is key to a company's growth and can be useful in everything from website development to e-commerce strategies. 

You can also market your services and products through the chamber of commerce. People throughout the community often turn to their local organization for suggestions, and you may receive exposure online and at special chamber events. Entrepreneurs can learn how to promote their products effectively, write impactful business plans, and provide health care to their employees.


Business owners throughout Florissant, MO, will enjoy valuable opportunities through the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce. When you join this organization, you can take part in beneficial area events, meet with fellow entrepreneurs, and join more than 400 business owners as they support the local economy. Visit the website for information about the chamber of commerce, or call (314) 831-3500 to speak with a friendly community representative.