Asking for help is never easy, and it can be especially challenging for seniors. When they're having trouble completing daily tasks, you may hire an in-home senior care service to assist them. These caregivers can assist with everything from medication reminders to general housekeeping and physical therapy. Below are several indications that your older loved one will benefit from this service.

When Does an Elderly Family Member Need In-Home Care?

1. Eating Difficulties 

Maintaining a balanced diet can become much harder with age. For example, going grocery shopping can present many challenges, as driving to the store, navigating the aisles, and lifting heavy items are difficult. Additionally, standing up in the kitchen for an extended period to prepare meals can be tiresome. If your loved one is losing weight or exhibits other signs of malnutrition, such as fatigue, dry skin, brittle hair, or irritability, they will benefit from in-home senior care, as their caregiver can help them prepare meals.

2. Forgetting Medication 

in-home senior care

Most seniors take at least one prescription medication, as it is natural for health to decline with age. As long as your loved one is staying on top of their medication, they can usually keep chronic conditions in check, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. However, if they have trouble remembering to take their prescriptions or forget that they already took them and double the doses, this can be dangerous. If your loved one's medications are lasting too long—or not lasting as long as they should—they may need assistance.

3. Feeling Lonely

Elderly people often experience feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially if they do not have a partner. This can increase their risk of anxiety, depression, and heart disease. If your relative is uninterested in activities they once loved or has trouble sleeping, they may be struggling emotionally. By hiring a home health care worker, you can provide them with companionship every day, improving their mental health in the process. 


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