Although it’s important for kids to excel academically, learning to socialize with others is also a critical aspect of their education. According to the staff at FasTracKids / Eye Level Learning Center—a learning center with locations in the New York metropolitan area that helps kids get into gifted and talented schools—some children who progress before their classmates can struggle with cooperation and competition. Below, the educators at this local prep center share how gifted kids can develop socialization skills to succeed in life. 

3 Ways to Help Gifted Kids Improve Cooperation Skills

1. Stress That Other Children’s Feelings Matter 

If a child grasps what’s taught before their classmates, they might grow impatient during team projects and other group activities. In an attempt to succeed, the youngster might dismiss the efforts and feelings of their peers. To help your child learn to cooperate in a gifted and talented school, stress the importance of empathy. Once they realize how their words and actions impact others, they will be more eager to stop competing and start assisting the team with reaching the intended goal.

2. Set a Good Example

Brooklyn-New-York-New-York-gifted-and-talented-schoolParticipating in group activities in school provides a glimpse at what kids can expect in a work environment later in life. To help your child better understand the importance of cooperation, share real-world examples of how multiple people can provide valuable input to solve problems. Share stories at the dinner table, describing the process you took with coworkers to finish a project or resolve an argument.    

3. Let the Child Know Comparisons Are Relative 

If a child realizes they are stronger at their studies than others, they might attempt to be the best at every test, activity, and challenge tossed their way. Needing to constantly be at the top at a gifted and talented school can have a negative impact on self-worth and lead to problems with anxiety. To help your child focus on their own goals, stress that comparisons are relative. Once the child knows that some people are stronger in some areas than others, they will stop competing with peers and focus on their own strengths. 

If you’re considering enrolling your child in a gifted and talented school, the teachers at FasTracKids / Eye Level Learning Center will provide reading and math assistance, gifted and talented test prep, the opportunity to participate in group activities, and the building blocks to promote an interest in learning and academic and personal fulfillment. To learn more about enrichment programs in New York City, call (718) 260-8100. Visit the learning center online to discover more about their programs.