Water wells are a valuable investment for residential properties. They provide you with a steady supply of clean drinking water and reduce your monthly utility bills. If you’re in the process of planning a water well installation, one of the first steps is finding an appropriate location. Below are a few factors to consider when evaluating your property.

How to Find a Location for Your Water Well

1. Direction of Groundwater

water wellThe direction of groundwater flow is a critical factor when it comes to finding a suitable well drilling location. Water will always try to flow downhill, which is why you should aim to drill in an uphill area. If flooding were to occur, your water well supply would be protected from contamination. A well drilling expert can analyze your property to determine the groundwater direction. 

2. Groundwater Availability 

A welling contractor can help assess the amount of groundwater your home needs. They take everything into account, including drinking water, taking showers, washing dishes, and irrigation. They will then use this information to analyze the local groundwater system and determine which location can supply you with enough water to meet your needs. 

3. Potential for Contamination

Bodies of water, such as ponds and rivers, might contain a variety of contaminants. That’s why you should never build a water well within a close distance of these areas and need to be at least 100ft away from your septic tank as well as any neighbors. Another factor to consider is the type of soil located near the water well; for instance, sand and silt can act as an extra layer of protection by filtering out potential contaminants. 


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