Mobile homes are a fantastic way to own property without straining your wallet. Models set on a raised platform, however, will need well-ventilated skirting material installed around the property. For more details about the significance and functionality of mobile home skirting, consider the valuable information below.

Why Are Skirting Vents Necessary?

Most mobile homes built on raised platforms are susceptible to a variety of issues unless precautions are taken. For instance, the dark underside of the house can be the ideal nesting spot for pests like insects and rodents. Rain can also settle under the house and create humidity issues that will lead to moisture damage to wood floors and support beams. Skirting acts as a deterrent to unwanted pests and weather conditions that can affect the comfort and structural integrity of the building. 

mobile homesThe skirting also provides adequate ventilation to the underside of the mobile home and keeps the ground dry to protect the wood from mold and rot. The ventilation produces enough airflow for harmful gases like radon and carbon dioxide produced from plumbing, cooking, and heating to be carried away safely. Gas appliances like water heaters will have enough fresh air for their combustion features to work properly. 

How Many Vents Do You Need?

Mobile home skirting needs sufficient ventilation on all four sides of the property for adequate airflow. Typically, the skirting should have at least one vent opening per square foot of the house. Some skirting options come with pre-made holes for simple installation. However, you can create vents in solid skirting as long as they are cut in even intervals. Once the skirting is in place, avoid storing items near the vents because they may impede airflow. 


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