A mobile home is a cozy place to call your own, but it can sometimes be a challenge to keep cool. If your AC system is working overtime to keep up with your cooling demand, it takes a toll on the unit’s lifespan, the environment, and your wallet. Below are three effective ways to lower your mobile home cooling costs this summer.

How To Reduce Your AC Costs In a Mobile Home

1. Coat the Roof

Your roof absorbs light and heat from the sun, which is an effect most noticeable in summer when it keeps your home from staying cool. Available in different styles and price ranges, cooling roof coatings work by reflecting the UV rays that contribute to the heating effect. They’re available as an aluminum coating or a white latex coating, the latter of which is more efficient. High-quality coatings may also extend the life of your roof and make it more resistant to leaks.

2. Prevent Drafts

Drafts are typically associated with cold spots, but the sources of chilly air also let warm air enter manufactured homes in summer. Seal cracks and gaps around your windows and walls with caulk, because sealants will make your home more airtight and easier to cool. You can check the weather-stripping around your door, too, and if it seems flattened or damaged, replace it to ensure a tight seal.

3. Upgrade Mobile Home Parts

mobile homeMobile home components that are outdated or damaged can allow outside air to move into your home, making your cooling system work harder to keep a balanced temperature. This is especially true with doors and windows, as they’re primary access points for outside air. Replacing them with more energy-efficient options will greatly improve your energy bills and comfort. Vinyl windows and doors made from uPVC are a great option. They’re highly efficient at blocking both heat and sound; they should last at least 20 years.


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