While planning a kitchen remodeling project for your mobile home can be exciting, it can also be a challenge to decide where to begin. To help you get a jump start on the process—and create a kitchen that’s both stylish and functional—follow a few key design elements for a dazzling new space.

3 Kitchen Remodeling Design Elements

1. Triangle Floor Plan

For most families, the kitchen is the home’s most important workspace, which is why it’s essential that it has a functional layout, especially when you’re living in a small space. Follow the kitchen work triangle, which places the stove, fridge, and sink at equal distances from each other in a triangle shape. This keeps the three major work stations close enough to each other to be convenient while cooking, while also providing enough space, so the kitchen doesn’t feel cramped.

2. Creative Storage Space

Missouri kitchen remodelingOptimizing storage space in a small kitchen keeps the room organized and clutter-free. Customized pull-outs for kitchen cabinets, pantries, cutting boards, and spice racks are great for this, as is incorporating a lazy Susan into an unused corner space. 

3. Ample Countertops 

Creating as much countertop space as you can around the sink, cooktop, refrigerator, and oven will result in an efficient kitchen that’s a pleasure to use. You can also have fun choosing a countertop material that suits your style. Granite and quartz are popular options, for example, because they have nice, natural appearances and are easy to maintain. If your kitchen remodeling plan calls for more of a rustic style, a wood countertop might be a good fit, though they require a bit more maintenance. You can also choose durable tile, limestone, soapstone, or polished concrete.


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