Thanks to premium materials and strategic design, today’s mobile homes can last longer than before. This durability can make manufactured homes worth the investment, but it’s important to maintain the property and address problems as they arise. To prevent small issues from turning into major headaches, here are five common signs that you need mobile home repairs.

5 Common Reasons Your Mobile Home Needs Repairs

1. Sinking Foundation

If the manufactured home appears lopsided or the doors become misaligned, chances are that the foundation is sinking. Often due to changes in the soil—such as erosion—sinking foundations can make the property unstable. The most common way to address this issue is to have the structure lifted and placed on a more secure foundation—such as on beam construction or a concrete slab.

2. Moisture Problems

mobile home repairDue to weathering, roofing materials don’t last forever. When they become compromised, your ceiling may develop leaks that lead to water damage. To stay ahead of this problem, keep an eye out for signs of moisture issues—such as sagging roofs, missing shingles, water spots, and mold growth. With early detection, you can often replace the faulty section of the roof to keep your home covered and dry.  

3. High Energy Costs

As a smaller property, heating and cooling a mobile home should be fairly affordable. If you notice an increase in your energy bills, a problem is likely contributing to energy loss. Common mobile home repairs that can improve energy-efficiency include installing new insulation, sealing windows, replacing worn doors, and HVAC equipment upgrades that carry a high SEER rating.  

4. Missing Skirting

When mobile homes sit above the ground, the open space should be covered with protective panels known as skirting. This coverage insulates the home, controls moisture under the property, protects pipes and other fixtures from weathering, and improves curb appeal. If any segment of the skirting is missing or damaged, replaced right away.  

5. Clogged Pipes

When clogged pipes go unaddressed, they can cause water damage or dangerous sewage backups. If you notice slow drainage, hear gurgling, or smell strange odors from sinks, showers, and toilets, drain cleaning is a must. If it’s a recurring problem, you may need new pipes.


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