Many people who own a mobile home add skirting. This unique material can make manufactured residences look more personalized while also offering practical advantages. Below are several frequently asked questions about skirting to help you decide whether to add this feature to your house.

Commonly Asked Questions About Mobile Home Skirting

What is it?

Skirting encircles the space between the bottom of the house and the ground. Owners choose from options based on the style and portability of their house. Individuals who live in a mobile home park may have to follow specific rules about skirting, so check with the park manager to ensure you’re following the regulations.

Skirts made of bricks or stones offer the most permanent, secure option. Wood lattice is excellent for people who frequently move, as you can quickly remove and replace it. Vinyl is the most cost-effective but can wear out over time due to weather conditions and impact. Those interested in eco-friendly materials may choose metal, as you can purchase recycled sheeting and customize the paint.

What are the benefits? 

mobile homeMany people add skirting to improve curb appeal by hiding the foundation. This wrap-around feature makes the structure look permanent. Solid skirting also helps prevent pests like raccoons and feral cats from going underneath the home.

Plus, this border may protect the house from moisture issues by encouraging rain and snow to flow down the sides and away from the base. Homeowners in colder areas appreciate that thicker skirting like concrete and stones can keep the heat in, preventing pipes from freezing underneath the house. Additionally, skirting provides a place for extra storage, an excellent solution if you need more room for belongings.

How can you calculate materials?

Talk with a custom skirting professional to take measurements for this project. They’ll determine the perimeter of the home and the depth necessary to cover the entire space between the house and the ground.

Where should you buy it?

You can purchase skirting at any mobile home accessories or hardware store. These shops should have a variety of options available, from aluminum to vinyl and wood. Plus, their professionals can talk you through the measurement process to ensure you get the correct amount of materials.


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