Whether you’re planning to purchase a mobile home or currently live in one, there are many ways to create beautiful interior and exterior designs. These stunning alternatives to traditional housing offer numerous ways to personalize your home and provide aesthetic appeal for much less than a full house. Below are several ways to upgrade its decor and aesthetic appeal.

A Guide to Transforming the Decor in Your Mobile Home

1. Add a Deck

A deck provides the perfect environment for a host of outside gatherings, such as enjoying a delicious dinner under the stars or inviting friends over for a summer barbecue. Mobile homes can comfortably accommodate decks because they are already above the ground. When you have a professional install one, the results will offer years of pleasure. Add stylish outdoor furniture or an awning, and you instantly elevate your home’s exterior.

2. Install Skirting

If you don’t like that your home’s underside is open to the outside, skirting is the ideal solution. There are many styles, colors, and textured options available to accommodate your home’s unique outdoor aesthetic, such as wood, metal, and vinyl varieties. Placing skirting around the perimeter also adds a beautiful finished look that balances the design.

3. Transform Kitchen & Bathroom

mobile homeFrom cabinets to islands, the design possibilities are endless for transforming a kitchen. Depending on your mobile home’s floor plan, you can expand to accommodate a bigger space for a pantry or new appliances. You can also turn bathrooms into soothing getaways with spa tubs, multi-feature showerheads, and an array of tile options.

4. Upgrade to a Metal Roof

Besides the stylish touch it adds, a metal roof also offers several practical benefits. Metal is fireproof, which means your mobile home has an extra layer of protection. The material can also stand up against hail, strong winds, and other inclement weather.

Additionally, you can choose insulated options that help keep your home warm during colder months and comfortably cool in the summer. This saves money on your monthly energy bills, as well as reduces wear and tear on your HVAC unit. 


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