One unique element of owning a mobile home is that you can transport it—so if you decide to move, you can take your home with you. However, this process is complicated. In addition to choosing a qualified company to move your mobile home, there are several crucial aspects you should know.

Know the Rules

Many regulations affect the movement of a manufactured home. You must have moving permits and permits for utility connections in the city you are moving to. Many cities also have zoning rules that affect where you can locate manufactured homes within the city limits, or they may have restrictions on the types of homes they allow.

mobile homeWhile moving to a mobile home park can help relieve some of the stress regarding local zoning laws, you should still be aware of any community rules before finalizing your location. Different communities could have different regulations regarding features that homes can or can’t have. You don’t want to move to a place where your home violates community standards.

Preparing Your Mobile Home for the Move

You must hire a company that specializes in transporting manufactured homes. However, you must deconstruct double-wide homes so that they can fit safely onto transportation trailers. An inspection may also be necessary to ensure that your home is safe enough to move. This is to prevent parts from falling off on the road.

Before moving, secure all windows and doors so that they stay shut during the journey. Remove all exterior trim and loose objects inside the house to avoid damage during transportation. You should also have a new foundation at the property before scheduling your move.


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