Mobile homes are popular, cozy, and offer everything most people need to feel secure and comfortable. However, one vulnerability is the structure’s roof. To maximize its life span and avoid moisture damage, owners must maintain the roof and make timely repairs. Below are a few reasons that mobile homes suffer roof damage.

What Can Damage a Mobile Home’s Roof?

1. Trees

If your home is near or below a large tree, the force of wind through the branches can wreak havoc on the roof. Broken limbs falling from a height can puncture or collapse the roof if they are heavy enough. Limbs swaying in the breeze can also wear down or peel off shingles. Trim back any nearby tree branches to minimize the risk of damage. 

2. Wildlife

Mobile homesBirds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife cause numerous roof problems for owners of mobile homes. Their nests can trap moisture that weakens sealant, and they can chew holes in your roofing materials. This happens because the animals are searching for food, and can likely smell it inside your house. To dissuade wildlife from staying on top of your home, wash the roof regularly to remove acorns, chestnuts, and nest-building materials. This also eliminates leaves, which can collect rainwater and act as a source of moisture. You should also repair exterior leaks promptly to avoid water damage.

3. Weather

Roofing materials regularly face damage from the climate, as they protect your family from adverse weather conditions. Sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation that oxidizes and deteriorates shingles. Hail leads to shingle blisters and lost mineral granules, while high winds can tear flashing and shingles off. Snow and rain seep through cracks and will worsen tiny leaks, rotting the roof structure. Inspect your roof after every storm for signs of damage, such as cracks or missing roof materials, and have a professional inspect it yearly to prevent issues.


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