It’s relatively easy to ignore minor issues throughout your mobile home until they develop into major problems. One issue that should be addressed as soon as possible, however, is compromised glass. Replacing the glass in your windows as soon as it’s damaged will ensure that their efficiency and security are not jeopardized. If you’re unsure whether your glass needs replacing, consider the signs below. 

When Should I Replace My Mobile Home’s Windows?

1. When They No Longer Block Sound

Your windows may not be perfectly soundproof, but they should at least muffle the sound of any loud neighbors and passing traffic after they’re installed. Since the seals can wear down over time, though, it’s not uncommon for windows to lose their soundproofing abilities with age. If you can no longer relax in your home because of all the ambient noise, it may be time to replace the glass and seals. 

2. Your Windows Let in Outside Air 

mobile homeDo your windows let in hot air during the summer or cold air during the winter? If so, you could be paying far more for your utilities than necessary because the seals and glass are faulty, making your HVAC unit have to work harder to maintain the temperature. Thankfully, the insulated windows on the market today are so efficient that they can actually pay for themselves in energy savings. For optimal efficiency, replace your old windows with triple-paned glass. 

3. The Components Don’t Function Properly 

You shouldn’t have to wrestle with the frame every time you want to open, close, or lock the window. As their components rust or rot, though, windows tend to become increasingly harder to operate. If you’re unable to use your windows with ease, they may be worn beyond repair and, therefore, in need of replacing. 


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