Living in a mobile home already comes with a variety of perks, like affordability, simplicity, and, if you live in a park, the comfort of a community. However, it can be even better if you improve your home's efficiency with the colder months approaching. With just a few expert suggestions, you can stay warm, cozy, and healthy throughout the winter without drastically raising your bill. 

5 Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency in a Mobile Home 

1. Fix Cracks & Leaks 

Check your mobile home for cracks and leaks in the siding, roof, ductwork, and pipes. Caulk or put acrylic mastic tape over any openings that you find. This will prevent extra air and water from leaving your home, and making your HVAC and plumbing systems work harder than necessary to meet your demands. Place weatherstripping around your windows and doors for good measure. 

2. Make Structural Updates 

If your doors and windows are old and worn out, consider replacing them altogether with newer ones that are designed to help maintain the desired temperatures for your home. Many energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors are available for selection at hardware stores. Additionally, you can have a metal roof installed, which offers better temperature control throughout the year. 

3. Add Insulation 

Since most mobile homes are only partially insulated, check whether your roof and flooring have space for more blown fiberglass or a similar insulation material. This way, heat won't escape your home easily, so you don't need the heating system to work as much. Also, foam sleeves are ideal for insulating water pipes so that they don't freeze, clog, and burst, allowing water to move freely and without leaking. 

4. Use Electricity Wisely 

mobile homeExcessive electricity usage happens in kitchens with their microwaves, mixers, ovens, stoves, and other appliances. Replace these items with models approved by Energy Star® for their efficiency so that you don't need to consume as much energy to cook. It's also helpful to unplug electrical items when you're not using them since being plugged in takes power even when they're not turned on. 

5. Maintain Heating System 

Have an HVAC or mobile home repair expert come over to examine your HVAC system. They can help you clean the ductwork, switch out dirty filters, and fix or replace any broken parts that might prevent air from flowing uninhibited throughout your home. The easier it is for your system to push air according to your demands, the less energy it needs to work, which keeps your consumption low.


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