Cyberattacks are common threats in the workplace. A robust cybersecurity plan is essential for preventing them, but it’s wise to also have a data recovery plan just in case. Restoring any damaged or stolen data will get your business up and running again; below are a few steps to follow for the best results. 

How to Overcome a Data Breach

1. Confirm the Breach & Isolate Affected Devices

The first signs of a data breach are unauthorized logins, file changes, and computer reconfigurations. In more advanced cases, you may notice missing funds and data.

Have your cybersecurity team take a deep dive into your network. If they discover logins from outside parties or unauthorized activity, they can confirm that a data breach has occurred.

Professionals can then track how hackers have traveled in the system by identifying viruses and unauthorized activity. Unplug any affected machines from the network, disconnect them from the internet, and turn them off to halt hacker activity.

2. Fix Weak Points


Once the issue is contained, you can identify weak points in the system that allowed the hack to happen. Speak with employees about recent activity.

They may have left a work computer unattended in a coffee shop or opened a suspicious file. Data may have also been hijacked traveling over the network, or weak passwords may have been cracked by hacker software. There are many cybersecurity upgrades for these problems. Encrypting files with passwords, using multistep logins, and adding antivirus software can resolve many weaknesses.

3. Communicate

There’s always a chance that the hackers stole your customers’ private and financial information on file. It’s integral that you contact all customers in your system via email or by phone.

They’ll have ample time to alert their banks or other institutions to prevent further identity theft. This step is a crucial part of restoring relations after a data breach, and you’ll be able to rebuild existing and future customers’ trust.


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