Online data is crucial to business success, and it’s under constant threat from hackers. It’s more important than ever for businesses to have cybersecurity measures in place. Understanding current and future threats will ensure you take every step to protect you and your customers’ information.

3 Cybersecurity Threats to Modern Businesses

1. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) technology connects everything from mobile phones and computers to the office fax machine, doorbell monitoring system, and smart coffee maker. These are underestimated entry points for hackers. They may break in and disarm security systems, steal valuable data stored on a printer, or hijack equipment. Companies have to upgrade their cybersecurity defenses with an IT consultant as more devices go online.

2. Negligent Employees

cybersecurityHuman error will always remain one of the biggest security issues. Employees who accidentally give out passwords, sensitive information, or leave their mobile devices and laptops unattended can be responsible for significant data breaches. It’s important that you properly educate them. Explain common threats, including suspect emails and randomly downloaded files. Teach them to create complex passwords and to always keep an eye on their devices. This is an ongoing effort, and you’ll need to re-educate as new technologies develop.

3. Mobile Malware

People think that only computers can get viruses. However, hackers have developed mobile malware. Phone makers and software designers are constantly updating mobile defenses, so make sure your employees are up to date on the latest operating systems. They should download mobile anti-virus software and also stick to safe browsing practices on their devices.



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