Internet of Things (IoT) technology brings cutting-edge connectivity to the workplace. These devices seamlessly share data in real time to improve productivity and communications. Connectivity, however, creates more cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Below is a helpful guide to securing internet-connected devices in your business.

How IoT Creates Network Vulnerabilities

IoT tech includes everything from coffee and fax machines to smart lights and HVAC systems that use Wi-Fi. Each device is a connection point where a hacker could break into the office’s network.

Once a hacker is connected, they can freely access confidential information stored on the cloud and local hard drives. They can also control the office’s smart features, like security cameras. Safeguarding IoT systems prevents losses and data leaks.

How to Secure IoT Systems

cybersecurityStart by purchasing devices with built-in cybersecurity programs to protect the network. Check for software updates regularly, as manufacturers fine-tune defenses and address weak points in each firmware update to make defenses stronger.

Actively monitor your network as well. IT professionals perform security audits and risk assessments to uncover weaknesses and keep your office updated on the latest security tech. Managed monitoring services will keep an eye on network traffic, detecting suspicious activity or user changes that may point to breaches.

Most importantly, educate your employees, as human error is a common cause of data breaches. Ensure workers never share any passwords or login information with people outside of the company. Update them on phishing scams, malware, and other ways hackers may target them through websites or email. A more knowledgeable team is more likely to identify problems, helping your IT specialists neutralize threats early.


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