Over the last two years, the pandemic has led many people to start working out in a home gym. This easy access can make it far simpler to work out on a regular basis, and you might even feel more inclined to do it in the comfort of your own home. However, if you want to make sure you have a full workout, you need to have equipment for all areas of  exercise. Here are some options to consider including as you build your setup.

Cardio Machines

Aerobic exercise is vital for your overall health and well-being. It strengthens the heart muscle, reduces your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, regulates blood sugar and pressure levels, and even improves your quality of sleep. Treadmills, exercise bikes, and home ellipticals can be incorporated into your home gym regimen to burn calories and fat. Many modern machines have devices that keep track of your heart rate, calories burnt, elapsed time, and other features, but you can opt for lower-end models if you already have a tracker that you use. 

Functional Training

home gym

If you don't have a lot of space, you can very easily replicate the exercises at home with a functional training machine that features weight stacks, pulleys, and pull-up bars. You can select the weight of your choosing, insert a pin for your desired load, and start lifting. This can be used to work everything from your arms, shoulders, and back to your chest and legs. For example, you can do bicep curls, shoulder and chest presses, and cable squats all with a single machine. 

Strength Training

Strength training is vital for building muscles. These exercises create tension, producing resistance that helps you boost your strength over time. This also increases your metabolism, making it easier for you to meet your weight-loss goals. You should include a set of free weights, as you can easily increase the amount you lift over time. A squat rack is needed for positioning a barbell, but it also teaches you how to squat and press weights properly; the rack behaves as a spotter, helping you lift and lower without risking injury. As you grow accustomed to lifting, you can then add weight plates as your strength increases. 


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