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Your Local Apple® Experts

Whether you’re looking for your next MacBook® laptop or iPad® tablet at an affordable price or the screen on your iPhone® device is cracked, you’ll need an expert to help you secure your next purchase or repair your device. At Experimax Aurora in Aurora, CO, you’ll have access to high-quality certified pre-owned Apple® computers, Macbook® laptops, used iPad® tablets and iPhone® devices, coupled with repair services from technicians with years of experience. From pre-owned Apple® devices to hard drive replacements and software updates, these tech experts know how to navigate an Apple® device.

Most iPad® tablets, PC’s, MacBook® laptops, and iPhone® devices require some form of maintenance to keep the device running at peak efficiency. While all devices aren’t manufactured the same, certified pre-owned Apple® devices are no different in their requiring maintenance. That’s why the technicians at Experimax Aurora offer the services they do, which include memory upgrades, data transfer, CD/DVD drive repair, troubleshooting, and screen replacements. From required repairs to Apple® upgrades, you’ll make the most out of your device when you come to this shop.

If you’re looking to purchase a used Apple® device to save money, look no further. Their collection of used Apple® products includes Apple® Watches, accessories such as Apple TV®, and of course, iPhone® devices. They also offer a trade-in program so you can reduce the cost of the used Apple® device you’re looking to purchase. If you aren’t looking to buy but would love to sell some of your own old Apple® products, they also provide a buy-back program, giving you a wide range of options to take advantage of.

From providing exceptional device repair to like-new refurbished products, this used Apple® products store has all of the services you need and expect for a superior device. Take advantage of their services by calling Experimax Aurora today at (720) 870-6956. Visit them online for a complete list of services and products available.