Accidents happen; but, when the price paid is your smartphone device, it can impede on your personal and professional life. To protect your mobile device and your wallet, here are the most common types of phone damages, how you can prevent them, and when to seek phone repair services.

3 Common Types of Phone Damage

1. Cracked Screen

phone repairDropping a phone on flooring, pavement, or even grass can cause the screen to crack or shatter. A phone repair specialist can replace the broken touch and LCD screens. To prevent cracking your phone, purchase a high-quality phone case that will absorb the impact of a fall.

2. Water Damage

Whether you knock your phone into the sink or it falls into a toilet, water can damage the internal hardware and circuitry of a phone. Water damage must be dealt with immediately to avoid permanent injury to the phone. Turn off the device and bury it in a bowl of rice; this should absorb the moisture in the phone. Leave it there for three days before turning it back on. If it is doesn’t power on, take it in to a professional. Always keep your phone in a waterproof pouch if you are near a pool or large body of water.

3. Malfunctioning Audio Output

If you are unable to hear sound or use the speaker on your phone, chances are the audio output is damaged. Perform a reset on the device to rule out software-related issues. If the problem persists, it may be due to malfunctioning hardware. A repair expert can replace the internal and external speakers.


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