Did you know that your garage door has a lifespan? Although garage doors are designed to last for years, a lack of maintenance and excessive use can shorten their functional life, making it hard to use your garage. Fortunately, you can enjoy your garage door longer by making a few changes.

Here are three ways to extend the life of a garage door: 

Minimize Your Use

Your garage door relies on powerful torsion springs to pull the panels up and down, which is why those springs are typically the first components to fail. On average, garage door tension springs tend to last between 5,000 to 10,000 cycles, which is why minimizing your usage can extend your door lifespan. Focus on using other home entrances instead of relying heavily on your garage door, or think about leaving your garage door open during the day if you find yourself going in and out frequently.  

Lubricate the Springs

garage doorGarage door springs can also wear out faster if they become dry, brittle, or dirty. To protect the metal, lubricate the springs with a spray designed especially for garage doors. If you aren’t sure which spray to purchase at the hardware store, contact a garage door specialist and ask them to help with routine maintenance.

Keep It Clean 

Eventually, wind and weather can push dirt and grime into the crevices between garage door panels, making it hard for hinges, springs, and roller tracks to work properly. To keep your garage door working well, clean the door carefully during your routine seasonal maintenance. If you use a power washer to clean the exterior, use a low setting and a soap designed for metal surfaces.  


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