Talking with your kids about garage door safety is essential to their well-being. Whether they’re playing outdoors or grabbing something from the shelves, recognizing the potential hazards will reduce the risk of injury. It also prevents accidental damage and ensures that the mechanisms remain fully functional. Here’s a closer look at the most important points and how to effectively approach the topic. 

A Parent's Guide to Garage Door Safety

1. Demonstrate Basic Operation

Knowing the function of each part could help your children realize that the door isn't a toy. Take the time to go over the different parts of the garage door. Show them how pushing the button starts the motor and moves the door up and down. Point out the tension springs and the cables that hold the panels in place. 

2. Remind Them to Keep Their Distance

garage door

It can be difficult to picture the weight of the panels when they move with such ease. To demonstrate this, place a stick just below the line of the sensor. Have one of your kids trigger the motor and watch as the door comes down. Once it’s firmly in place, let each child try to pull the stick out. 

Use this lesson on the door's weight to remind them to keep their distance whenever the door is in motion. If they get stuck outside, encourage them to knock on the front door or ring the doorbell. 

3. Put Older Kids in Charge

If there are older kids in the family, put them in charge of helping the younger siblings follow the basic safety rules. Being in the general vicinity when your younger children play in the garage allows them to intervene and prevent a possible injury. Plus, it instills a sense of responsibility.


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