Biscuits are a must-have side to have with fried chicken, but if you’re dining out, there’s often enough for leftovers. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make use of your leftovers. While you can always reheat them and enjoy them just as they are, here are a few creative ways to prepare them a second time.

How to Use Your Leftover Biscuits

1. Croutons

If you’ve never had homemade croutons, now is the perfect opportunity to try them. Cut up your biscuits into bite-sized portions, then season them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Crisp them in the oven and serve atop a salad. You can even add some protein to your greens with any fried chicken you have left over.

2. Casserole Toppings

Crunchy biscuit flakes pair perfectly with creamy casseroles. Next time you’re making a chicken, sausage, or green bean casserole, reheat your biscuits in the oven to get them warm and crunchy. Crumble them over the dish at the last minute to retain the texture.  

3. Bread Pudding

fried chickenBread pudding calls for a few simple ingredients, including day-old bread, butter, eggs, milk, and sugar. Instead of using your go-to bread, swap it out for biscuits for a sweet, filling treat. The biscuits’ rich, buttery flavor will enhance your favorite recipe, and the twist may just become your new favorite way to prepare it.

4. Breadcrumbs

If you have eggplant, chicken, or another base for breadcrumbs, use your extra biscuits instead of pulling anything out of the pantry. Toast the biscuits at 250 degrees for ten minutes to get them crisped before putting them in a food processor or crumbling them with a box grater.

5. Slider Buns

Biscuits are the perfect size for sliders. Form small patties using hamburger meat and toss them on the grill, briefly toasting the buns at the same time. Or, pair the biscuits with cold cuts, such as ham or turkey, for satisfying sandwiches. If you have leftover fried chicken, you can also slice it up and serve with the buns, sandwich-style.


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