During a kitchen remodeling project, many homeowners focus on elements like tile patterns and cabinet designs. However, the paint color you choose can have an enormous impact on the atmosphere you create and can even make smaller spaces feel larger. If you’re not sure which paint supplies to choose, below are a few ideas for redecorating your kitchen walls.

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen?

1. White

White walls give smaller rooms the feel of more space and can often coordinate with any color scheme. For instance, using a powder blue on your cabinets can create a cozy beach theme, or you might combine white walls with black appliances for a modern, high-contrast aesthetic. If you don't like the look of stark white, go for a soft cream or eggshell.

2. Gray

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Gray also gets a reputation for being a bit impersonal, but the right shade can give your kitchen visual depth and make other colors pop. Lighter shades of gray with warm greenish or bluish undertones can create a soothing ambiance, especially if you’re using warm tones on your fixtures and flooring.

3. Black

You might have heard walls should never be painted black. While you may not want to use dark colors in a small room, in larger areas they can create a cozy, more intimate atmosphere. If you have a large kitchen and love subdued designs and the color palette of rainy days, consider pairing black walls with dark blue cabinets and tile.

4. Yellow

On the other end of the spectrum, bright yellow can brighten up any room. This can be especially valuable if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight. For a light, airy design, pair yellow with white cabinets or paint them powder blue for a softer contrast.

5. Green

Almost any shade of green, from light mint to deep forest, can look great on kitchen walls. These colors pair well with natural wood, making them perfect for rustic kitchen designs. If you want to make a bolder statement, look for bright emerald shades at your local paint supplies store.


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