No one expects to be the victim of identity fraud, so they’re surprised to learn how difficult the issue is to resolve. Farmers Insurance knows how common identity theft is, and Farmers Insurance Agent Daniel Oliver in Edina, MN goes above and beyond to protect his clients. With a passion for serving his neighbors, Oliver has been helping to protect the identities of people like you for more than 30 years. If you’re hesitant to take that next step to secure your identity, consider the benefits of letting an experienced insurance agent help.

1. Find Peace of Mind

The more information you share online, the more you put yourself at risk for identity theft. But when you add identity protection to your primary insurance policy, you can sleep well knowing that the Farmers Insurance team has you covered.

2. Avoid Credit Report Errors

Farmers Insurance Edina MNCredit monitoring comes with many fraud-protection plans, including Farmers Identity Shield. Unauthorized financial transactions can be detrimental to your credit score and often require a lot of effort to remove, even if the damage wasn’t of your doing. By trusting Farmers Insurance to watch your credit files and public records, you won’t be forced to clean up the messes associated with identify theft. Instead, they’ll notify you as soon as something looks suspicious. The team will keep track of your entire financial profile, so you’re prepared to appeal unauthorized transactions with the main credit bureaus.

3. Save Money Over Time

People rarely want to increase their insurance costs, but Farmers Identity Shield plan won’t cost you more than $65 for an entire year. In 2013, out-of-pocket costs for a victim averaged to nearly $2,300. Paying a few cents a day protects you against significant financial losses after identity theft.

4. Have Access to Professional Assistance

Whether you’ve fallen prey to identity theft or want to take more precautions, the Farmers Insurance team is ready to speak with you. They are also at the ready to help those who need to replace critical documents like passports or Social Security cards. 

When it comes to defending yourself against identity theft, put your security in the hands of a professional. Set up an appointment with Farmers Insurance Agent Daniel Oliver today by calling (952) 925-4454. As a local agent, Oliver makes affordability and accountability his top priorities. Follow him on Facebook for updates and more information about Farmers Insurance services.