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About Goal Focused Results

Achieving your goals starts with being able to clearly articulate and visualize a path to reaching them. Most people never get past this initial step, faltering almost before they’ve even begun. Goal Focused Results, home to one of the most qualified life coaches in Kaneohe, HI, places specific emphasis on clarifying your goals before you begin working toward them, giving you the knowledge and the plan to achieve exactly what you want to.

Founded by Roanne Abe, a certified Practitioner of Excellence and Strategic Intervention Life Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Goal Focused Results takes a unique approach to help you live the life you want. Roanne begins the collaborative process with a clarity session in which the two of you thoroughly discuss your personal goals, identify specific roadblocks, and establish concrete plans to overcome your individual challenges to get to where and who you want to be. Studying a wide variety of techniques and strategies, including lifestyle management, nutrition, and health coaching, Roanne has the knowledge and practical skills to help you achieve any and all of your goals.

Goal Focused Results is dedicated to helping you become the healthier person you want to be, whether that means diet and exercise changes or learning to better manage your stress and maintain balance in your life. Roanne knows that the reason most people are unable to follow through on their goals is a lack of accountability. In addition to helping you create new routines and set certain boundaries, she will serve as a life coach, mentoring while holding you—and helping you hold yourself—accountable to the promises you’ve made.

Sometimes, you just need a little help to get to where you’re going. When you’re ready to see that the change you want is possible, call Goal Focused Results today at (808) 386-2834 to begin your journey. You can also visit her website to schedule a session.