A metal shed is an excellent place to store tools, create an extra workspace, or shelter a car. However, there are particular ways these structures need to be cared for to ensure they withstand the test of time. Here are a few basic tips to help you maintain your metal building.


Perform regular inspections.

Inspect all areas of the shed for damage at least twice a year or more. Accidental vehicle impacts, carelessly handled tools, and falling tree branches can harm your structure.

Fix any visible problems right away. Holes and warped panels allow moisture into the shed, which leads to rust and corrosion. Gaps, cracks, and punctures also provide access points for pests.

Keep the structure clean.

Wash the shed each time you perform an inspection. You can use a garden hose and gentle household cleaner or a pressure washer. If the building has gutters, clean those out, as well. Clogged channels can inhibit proper water drainage, allowing the liquid to run down the side of the building and pool on the ground around the base. Allowing dirt or debris to accumulate on the metal surface can also lead to corrosion, weakening the structure.


Let clutter accumulate.

shedsSheds are notorious for being a catch-all storage location. Whether you didn’t put a tool away because you got called away in the middle of a project or you needed a quick place to stash lawn care equipment, these structures can easily become cluttered and disorganized.

A messy space is an ideal home for pests that thrive in dark and enclosed areas—like rats, spiders, and termites. Use hooks, shelves, pegboards, or magnet strips to keep items in their proper place.

Ignore condensation.

Condensation can accumulate on the roof or walls of a shed, especially if you live somewhere that experiences significant temperature fluctuations. Moisture and metal do not mix well. When left unaddressed, condensation causes rust development and potential structural issues.

Invest in quality insulation to help regulate the temperature inside your shed. Installing proper ventilation provides a way for moisture to escape so it doesn’t settle on metal walls and roofs.


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