When it comes to a slice of pizza, there are certain characteristics that separate mediocrity from greatness. From crust and sauce to cheese and toppings, a well-crafted pizza slice is one of the best things you could possibly eat. Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. of Patchogue, NY, wants to help you identify some of the defining features of authentic pizza. Here are more insights from your local Italian restaurant.

4 Details to Look for in High-Quality Pizza Slices

1. Crispy Crust

As a general rule, authentic pizza crust should be crispy on the outside and practically melt in your mouth shortly after you bite into it. Italian restaurants usually achieve this crispness-to-softness balance by baking their pizzas in wood-burning ovens. Authentic pizza crust should also have a subtle yeasty flavor to it.

2. Luxurious Cheese

authentic pizzaYou’ll know you’re eating an incredible slice of pizza when the cheese stretches out between each bite. The cheese on an authentic slice of pizza should be perfectly melted and stringy without saturating the crust with excess moisture. Great pizza cheese should also stick firmly to the crust without ever falling away from it.

3. Savory Sauce

Pizza sauce consists of tomatoes seasoned with garlic, basil, and salt, creating that wonderfully robust yet never overwhelming flavor. The sauce should be evenly distributed on your pizza slice so you get to experience and enjoy it with every bite. If there is too much sauce on your slice of pizza, it may overwhelm the other components and make the crust soggy.

4. Carefully Placed Toppings

The best slices of authentic pizza display an even distribution of toppings. If you order a pizza with, say, pepperonis, mushrooms, and olives, each slice should clearly showcase all three of these meats and veggies. At the same time, though, the toppings on an authentic pizza should be used sparingly so as to allow the other elements of the pizza to shine.

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