Parents of young children learn fairly early on to pick their battles. For example, if your daughter wants to wear her tutu to the grocery store, fighting her on it may not be worthwhile. Likewise, if your son wants to don blue shorts, a red shirt, and a green sweater, you want to may let it slide. When it comes to toddler shoes, however, you need to put your foot down. As soon as children start walking, they should always wear socks. Here’s why. 

3 Reasons Kids Should Always Wear Socks

1. Manage Moisture 

Feet can sweat on even the coldest of days. Thankfully, breathable socks can help wick away moisture, preventing conditions like athlete’s foot. Without socks, the feet will always be sweaty; this chronic moisture can break down the skin over time, making it more vulnerable to bacteria and creating the perfect environment for fungus between the toes. 

toddler shoes2. Prevent Blisters

Toddler shoes shouldn’t cause too many blisters, but when they're new, they can certainly be stiff. Protect your little ones’ feet by making them put on socks before their shoes. And make sure their shoes fit properly, too. Even with socks, ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters and irritation. 

3. Protect Shoes 

Children shoes don’t necessarily have to last for as long as adult shoes because kids grow so fast. However, they should still be able to withstand considerable wear and tear. Unfortunately, slipping sweaty feet into even the most rugged toddler shoes over and over will cause them to break down faster by making the materials disintegrate. 


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