Ceiling fans are instrumental in keeping air circulating throughout the home. While they’re commonly in use during the summer, they can also increase indoor comfort during the cold months of winter. All it takes is a few simple techniques to boost their effectiveness. Consider the following to determine where best to start.

4 Tips for Using Ceiling Fans Year-Round

1. Flip the Switch

Fan blades are set at a slight angle to manage the airflow. Having them spin toward the left pushes the air downward and redistributes the cooler temperature. Turning them toward the right will create a light suction that draws the air upward and evenly disperses the heat. You should find a small switch toward the top of the fan that alters the direction.

2. Increase the Thermostat

ceiling fanAllowing the fan to move the air about will alleviate stress on your heating and cooling system, providing an opportunity to set the thermostat a little higher and keep the mechanisms from overworking themselves. Not to mention that the fan uses less energy than the HVAC, which could decrease your utility bills.

3. Lower the Speed

Fans usually feature three different speeds – low, medium, and high. Switching to a lower speed when you’re not in the home is an easy way to increase efficiency. It keeps the air moving without requiring an excessive amount of energy. Boost convenience by upgrading to a system that provides a wireless connection.

4. Size the Room

When purchasing a fan, make sure that it’s the right fit for the room. Installing one that’s too small could reduce circulation while one that’s too large might use more energy than is necessary. They’re available in a range of 29- to 54-inches, so measure the ceiling to determine which product is right for you.


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