Paint colors, furniture, and decorations do play a role in setting the feel and atmosphere of a room, but almost nothing is powerful as lighting. Just replacing a fixture with a sleek, modern piece can flood a room with light and completely reinvent the space. If you’re planning to freshen up a room, below are a few reasons to focus on the lighting.

How Light Can Transform a Room

Light changes the feel of a room, but also determines how comfortable the space is to use. For instance, a cozy, moody living room may look amazing, but you’ll also need enough light to read a favorite book or see the buttons on the TV remote.

While you want enough light to see what you’re doing and prevent eyestrain, rooms that are too bright can look sterile and lifeless. Understanding the different types of light sources can help you strike the right balance and set the tone you’re looking for.

Mixing Up Light Sources

lightingPutting multiple light sources in each room will help provide dynamic illumination without a blinding glare. Start by choosing an overhead fixture, which will provide most of the light for the center of the room.

Accent lighting can center around decorative elements like artwork or functional conversation areas. Finally, small lamps or wall fixtures can serve as task lighting, giving you enough light to read or work on a hobby.

Choosing Light Bulbs

The type of bulbs you choose will have an enormous impact on the mood of your room. LED bulbs are long-lasting and bright; they’re perfect for large spaces like living rooms and kitchens, which need a lot of light. They’re also available in a wide range of colors and brightness levels, making them ideal for recessed and tasked lighting.

Vintage-style Edison bulbs are an increasingly popular choice, especially if you’re going for an old-fashioned or industrial look. These bulbs are visually interesting and don’t produce as much light as modern styles, so they’re best used in fixtures without covers or shades.


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