Your home’s lighting fixtures are some of the most subtle but key home accessories you can have. They help set the theme, tone, and aesthetic of your house, as well as provide key functional services. Below are a few factors that should influence your interior decorative lighting decisions.

What to Think About When Choosing Decorative Interior Lighting

1. Purpose

The function your lights will serve will determine the type you choose. Ambient or general fixtures provide general illumination of the whole room, such as a ceiling fan light. Task fixtures provide targeted, brighter illumination to an area that’s used for specific activities, such as a kitchen island or counter lights. Accents, on the other hand, highlight aesthetic features of the room, like a wall-mount that illuminates a framed portrait.

2. Available Space

The available space will also determine the fixtures you choose. If you have low ceilings, a chandelier probably isn’t the best option. Walls that are close together might eliminate ceiling fan installations.

Track fixtures are ideal for narrow rooms or rooms where larger fixtures would make the space seem claustrophobic. If you do have a large open area, larger fixtures will keep it from feeling empty.

3. Position

lightingThe position of the fixture will determine the appearance of it. If a light will be the focus of the room—such as a general fixture for the dining room—it will need to be ornate and eye-catching. In contrast, under-cabinet task lights that illuminate counter workspaces are often small and discreet, so the room’s design can be more simple.

4. Personal Aesthetic Preferences

You’ll also need to consider your own personal tastes and the aesthetic themes of your home to decide what type of fixture you want. For instance, task fixtures can be lamps or pendants, but pendants tend to be more modern and sophisticated, while lamps are more homey and traditional. Chandeliers are more high-end and ornate general fixtures, while mounts are subtler, simpler, and better suited for laid back and casual aesthetics.


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