When you rely on a tractor for keeping the soil on your property in shape or hauling crops, it needs to be taken care of year-round. Having a maintenance checklist in place will help you stay on top of daily, monthly, and annual tasks. Use the basic tips below to keep your equipment in top condition for years to come. 

How to Care for Your Tractor

1. Protect It From the Elements

When your tractor is not in use, it should be stored in a garage, barn, or similar place where harmful weather conditions can’t harm it. If you must leave the machinery outside, invest in a canvas tarp to prevent sunlight damage and avoid water condensation. 

2. Perform a Visual Inspection Before Use

tractorBefore putting your tractor to work, perform a quick inspection to ensure there are no issues. Check the hoses and cables for leaks and tears. Look for any water or debris in the glass sediment bowl that sits below the fuel filter. Ensure the PTO shields are in place and all lights work, and finally, check the coolant and oil levels. 

3. Empty Fuel Before the Cold Season

If your tractor goes into storage over winter, don’t leave it sitting with fuel in the tank. Sediments and water can accumulate and cause the tank to rust. Instead, store extra petrol in a container that will prevent evaporation if you want to have some ready to go at the beginning of spring. However, many manufacturers advise against using any fuel that’s been sitting for longer than three months.  


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