Pools are one of the most sought-after residential amenities. Between the hours of fun they provide, as well as the opportunity they offer to cool off on a hot day, it's easy to see why many homeowners opt for custom swimming pool installations. If you're preparing for this kind of project, you'll want to keep the following factors in mind to achieve the best results.

What Should You Keep in Mind During Custom Swimming Pool Installation?

1. Usage

As you're designing a backyard pool, consider who will be spending time around it and how they will utilize it. Will you and your spouse lounge in the sun and swim laps, or will grandchildren spend time playing in shallow water? Taking this into account will help you customize the feature. 

You might choose to limit the depth throughout the entire pool or include a walkable ledge around the deep end for younger swimmers. Increasing the length can also be beneficial for adults or seniors who want to exercise in the water.

2. Aesthetics

swimming pool installation

As you prepare for the installation, look at your contractor's portfolio of past projects for inspiration on what style you enjoy. Tailor the feature to match or complement your home's aesthetic. 

If you prefer a modern look with clean lines, a white infinity pool might work best. A bean-shaped pool with Spanish-style tiles will suit your goals if you want something tropical and bold.

3. Features

Once you know the usage goals and style of the pool you desire, consider including other unique customizations to truly make the feature your own. Install underwater benches or loungers in the shallow end if you enjoy reading outside. If you're looking forward to laying out in the sun, opt for a long, large deck that has room for multiple chaises, tables, and chairs to entertain guests and work on your tan.


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