Warm weather brings the opportunity to swim outdoors and spend time with family and friends. However, preparing to open a pool and maintain it throughout the season takes a lot of hard work, and there are a few items you’ll need to ensure a successful summer. The following guide outlines some essential swimming pool supplies to have on hand. 

What Essential Swimming Pool Supplies Should You Get Before Summer?

1. Safety Gear

No matter how shallow your pool is, you need to have the proper safety equipment. Invest in a cover that will keep toddlers and pets from accidentally falling in the water when the pool isn’t in use. A safety hook allows you to reach struggling swimmers that you can't get to quickly, and you can toss a ring buoy into the water to give a person something to hold on to while you wade in to help them. 

2. Cleaning Equipment

swimming pool supplies

A pool will likely collect dirt and debris from people, animals, and plants in your yard. A properly functioning filter helps extract leaves, twigs, and bugs from the water, but you should also invest in other swimming pool supplies to effectively clean and care for this recreational feature. 

A soft brush and solution of vinegar and water can remove calcium deposits and grime from border tiles. A vacuum can collect dirt from the bottom, while a pole with an attached net helps you fish out large objects and toys from the center of the pool. 

3. Pool Chemicals

Chemicals, such as chlorine, shock, and algaecides, are used to kill algae, viruses, and bacteria living in the water. These protect swimmers from getting sick as they splash around in the summer. A reliable pool service can test the water to ensure the chlorination, alkalinity, and calcium hardness are balanced correctly. You can also purchase an at-home testing kit so you can check the pH levels in between scheduled appointments.


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