Summer is nearly here, so it's time to prepare your pool for warm, sunny weather. Swimming pool maintenance may not be the most fun part of owning this outdoor feature, but proper care ensures your family is able to enjoy it for years to come. Use the following guide to keep your pool in good shape throughout the season.

A Guide to Summer Pool Care

1. Clean the Filter

Filters are constantly removing leaves, bugs, and dirt from your pool. When they get full, they can’t effectively block out impurities. Empty the filter at least once a week to keep the water clean and clear. Backwashing reverses the flow of liquid through the system to dislodge debris that may have become trapped.

2. Look for Leaks

Decreased water levels are the most apparent sign of a leak. Use the bucket test to ensure the loss isn’t due to evaporation. Fill the container with pool water until the liquid is one inch from the top, and set it on the first step of the pool. Mark the water lines inside and outside the bucket, and let it sit for 24 hours. If the level outside the bucket is lower than the inside when you return, you’re dealing with a leak and need to call a professional for repairs.

3. Skim Debris Regularly

swimming pool maintenance

Make it a habit to skim the pool frequently—especially if you have many trees in your backyard. Invest in a vacuum that automatically cleans the bottom of the pool, as well. If you see any algae growth along the sides, remove the buildup with a scrub brush.

4. Keep Track of the pH Level

The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a pool. The pH of your water should be between 7.2 and 7.8 to prevent skin irritation, injuries, clothing discoloration, and damage to the installation and equipment. Use a testing kit to measure the current levels. If the pH is too low, it's acidic; add baking soda or soda ash to correct the problem. Use muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate if it is too high.

5. Hire a Maintenance Team

Swimming pool maintenance professionals can keep your installation clean and safe throughout the season. They will perform a thorough inspection to ensure all equipment and components are running smoothly. If they find problems, they can recommend repairs before issues become worse and more expensive. These experts can also help clean pools and correct imbalanced chemical levels.


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