Summer weather calls for relaxing dips in a pool to help combat the sweltering heat. However, proper swimming pool maintenance is needed to keep these backyard features safe for families. This includes periodically checking and balancing the water's pH levels. Taking good care of your installation not only helps boost its appearance but also extends the life span of various components, like the pump and heater. The following guide outlines why pH balance is an important aspect of pool safety.

Why Is Proper pH Crucial to Swimming Pool Maintenance?

Prevents Skin & Eye Irritation

Improperly balanced pool water that is too acidic or basic can cause irritation to a person's skin or eyes. The optimum pH value for a pool is between 7.4 and 7.6, which is the same pH in human eyes and mucous membranes. Acidic water can also leave hair brittle and skin itchy and dry since it strips the body of its natural oils.

Maintains Safety & Appearance

When the water's pH levels are off, it can cause chlorine to become ineffective. When this chemical is unable to do its job, microorganisms, bacteria, and algae may grow. 

swimming pool maintenance

A balanced pH ensures pool circulation and filtration systems function properly and keeps water from becoming cloudy. It also prevents pool liner corrosion and rust formation on metal components, like pumps, ladders, railings, and diving boards.

How Do You Maintain Proper pH Levels?

Daily water chemistry checks are recommended to maintain proper pH. Swimmers contribute to these levels, and human sweat, body oils, or other forms of residue can cause imbalances. 

Hold a test strip about 12 to 18 inches underwater for about 10 seconds. Let it dry without shaking off moisture droplets. Once the colors have filled in on the paper, compare them against the chart on the kit. Some of the chemicals needed to balance pH are dangerous and require careful handling. Learning how to adjust the levels will likely take practice, so ask your swimming pool maintenance professional for advice or assistance on how to handle these products.


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