The perfect wedding dress can be the showcase of your wedding, and knowing which bustle is appropriate can make it all the more stunning. For over 40 years, the tailors at Wo’s Custom Tailoring in New York, New York, have helped residents craft their perfect formalwear and advise that the ideal bustle can make your attire truly memorable. It can be difficult to know where to begin though, but with these expert tips, you’ll have the right idea in no time.

There are four primary bustle types, each with their pros and cons based on your needs. A custom tailor will always know best, but here are details on each to point you in the right direction:

  • wedding dressAmerican: The Amerian, or “over bustle,” style is designed with a simple button and hook system. By adding buttons, lighter-fabric dresses can be held in place for comfort while still looking beautiful. More buttons can give an even more striking effect, so explore wedding dress tailoring options to see what suits you.
  • Austrian: The simplest of all bustles, the Austrian style is essentially a drawstring or ribbon-based design that makes gathering areas of the skirt effortless. This system creates a unique, layered look you won’t find in any other styles and is sure to give you the least bother.
  • Ballroom: The Ballroom bustle does exactly what the name implies—it turns a wedding dress into a ballroom gown. By flipping the train up or under, the dress becomes perfect for dancing and maneuvering around without sacrificing style. It’s a favorite style if you’re not dedicated to going too extravagant, so give it a try if the theme matches your wedding.
  • French: Opposite the American bustle, the French or Victorian bustle tucks the gown rather than hooks it, creating a smooth, natural look that’s easy to set and doesn’t bunch up. It works great with ribbons or other decorative features, so consider accessorizing your wedding dress.

Whether you’re preparing for the big day or just need some clothing adjustments, turn to the staff at Wo’s Custom Tailoring. They offer a variety of services for wedding dresses, formalwear, and everyday alterations, so visit their website and Facebook to view their work. If you’re ready to schedule a consultation, call (212) 988-9889 today.