New York City is home to some of the most stylish and fashion savvy people in the world. It can be hard to keep up, but custom suit tailoring at places like Manhattan's Wo's Custom Tailoring makes it possible to look and feel like someone special. 

Family-owned businesses where individuals can go for clothing alterations, leather repairs, and custom fittings are increasingly rare. A documentary called "Men of Cloth" describes the custom tailoring business as a "disappearing art." 

At Wo's Custom Tailoring, the art of artisan tailoring is alive and well. This elegant shop revives an Old World appreciation for aesthetics. It's a place where an old pair of pants will be given completely new life, made to look more modern and fashion forward. Jackets that don't fit properly will be tailored to your body perfectly. Wedding dress alterations and shirt alterations are performed by individuals who specialize in fitting clothing items to women's curves, which can be a challenge for many less experienced tailors. Wo's tailors are practiced craftsmen who know that when a shirt is too wrinkled and rolled in the sleeves, it isn't fitting someone's body as well as it could. 

Wo's will help you turn a dress, suit, or shirt into something distinctive. If you're looking to work as a tailor at the shop, Wo's will train you and improve upon your skills. You deserve something special, so contact Wo's Custom Tailoring at (212) 988-9889. Don't forget to "Like" the shop on Facebook, where you can also learn more about all that Wo's has to offer.