One of the highlights of wedding preparation is finally finding that one dress that will take everyone’s breath away as you walk down the aisle. However, wedding dresses rarely fit perfectly because their measurements are based on a size chart. Scheduling dress fittings are a must in any wedding planning, so don’t skip out on this critical process if you want to have the perfect fit. Here is what to expect when trying on your wedding dress. 

Understanding Wedding Dress Fittings

What Should You Do Before & During Your First Fitting?

The first wedding dress fitting is generally meant for assessing whether or not any alteration is needed, and to ensure you have the right color and design. Aim to schedule this no later than six weeks before your big day. Before coming in for your first fitting session, shop for everything that you intend to wear at your wedding, especially shoes and undergarments. Wear everything when trying on your gown and point out any adjustments and fixes that you want to be done. Remember to check if the skirt is just the right length, the silhouette is perfect, and that there are no tears or missing beads.

Why Would You Need a Second Fitting?

wedding dressesIf you want adjustments done after your initial fitting, you will need to put on your gown for a second time to see if the alterations are to your satisfaction. Examine to ensure there is no bunching or wrinkling, if the hem falls at the right height, and if you feel comfortable moving around in your gown. Make sure you can view yourself at all angles, and that no new issues need addressing. Most wedding dresses already fit the bride well by the second fitting. 

How Should You Proceed With Your Final Fitting?

Ask a good friend, family member, or your maid of honor to accompany you during the last fitting. Ideally, they should be someone who will help you with your dress during the wedding day. This should be done as close as possible to your special day to make sure that your gown’s fit will be almost the same during the ceremony. Confirm with your companion if the fit is flawless, and that everything looks the way it should. Don’t forget to ask the seamstress how to put on and take off your dress correctly, how to bustle, and what other care instructions you need to know. 



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