For many men, wearing a suit to work or an event like a wedding is an excellent way to show off their fashion sense. Unfortunately, donning dress shirts and jackets during the summer months can cause men to feel overheated and uncomfortable. Below are several ways you can stay cool under the summer sun while wearing a suit. 

How to Stay Cool in a Suit in Summertime

1. Choose the Right Dress Shirt

dress shirtsTo stay comfortable and reduce sweat, pick a dress shirt that is made from natural breathable fibers, like cotton. However, higher-end long fiber cotton is softer and more breathable than the less expensive short fiber version. It’s also durable and can stand up to high temperatures, so make sure to carefully read the tag before purchasing.

2. Wear Summer Colors

Dark colors retain warmth, but lighter hues can reflect light. If you plan to spend time outdoors in your suit, opt for brighter colors. Tailored suits in light grays, creams, light blues, and tans won’t absorb as much heat from the sun as navy and black colored suits. Additionally, pair your light-colored suit with a white or beige dress shirt for optimal coolness. 

3. Embrace Blended Wool Suits

Most people try to avoid wool apparel during the summer, but this natural fabric can work in your favor under the hot sun. Wool has moisture-wicking abilities, which means it absorbs moisture and dries fast. It also doesn’t wrinkle easily, unlike other materials such as linen. For a lightweight feel, invest in a high-quality wool suit for additional comfort. 

4. Drink Water

No matter what you choose to wear during the hottest season of the year, it’s necessary to stay hydrated. The recommended water intake for men is roughly three liters a day. Room temperature water is best for helping your body stay fresh throughout the day. It may be helpful to carry a refillable liter bottle with you so you can be confident your body is receiving the hydration it needs. 



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