Sometimes, the perfect wedding dress has the wrong neckline. Thankfully, skilled tailors can make alterations to adjust the garment to fit your body and preferences. Whether your gown has been in the family for generations or was recently purchased, here are a few neckline alterations you can make to impress on your big day.

Which Types of Necklines Work for Wedding Dresses?

1. Off-Shoulder & Strapless

wedding dressesThis neckline leaves the neck and shoulders bare by having the dress’s sleeves or straps hang off the sides of the shoulders. A variation is the strapless dress.

These styles elevate simple gowns and allow you to display statement necklaces or earrings. They also work well with elaborate updo hairstyles because they help draw attention upward. 

2. Scoop Neck

This neckline has a “U” shape. It’s ideal if you want to showcase the bust of your dress. You can keep the look conservative and have a high scoop, or create a plunge style for a more daring look. 

3. Queen Anne

This is one of the more creative necklines. It has a raised back with a somewhat open front. This neckline is a blend of modest and contemporary, and works well for women who want to show some skin and lift the bust.

4. Sweetheart

This neckline is a popular choice for wedding dresses and evening gowns because it flatters many body shapes. It resembles the top of a heart, with two circular upward swoops over the bust and a slight plunge in the center. This shape highlights the decolletage and can feature thin straps or off-shoulder bands.

5. Illusion

This neckline is another mix of traditional and modern. Sheer fabric comes up to the base of the neck from the top of the bust. With this style, you can have sleeves or go sleeveless. It’s a way to show skin while remaining covered. You can also add appliques and jewel stones to the sheer material to accentuate the beauty of the gown.


If you need alterations to your wedding dress before the big day, reach out to the team at Wo’s Custom Tailoring. As the go-to custom tailor in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, they have the skills and expertise to help you look your best. Whether you want to raise the hem, take in the bust, or add sleeves to the dress, they will handle it. Visit them online for more information about their work with wedding gowns, or call (212) 988-988 to discuss your needs.