A wedding day is a special occasion, so as the bride, you should be fully happy and comfortable. Your wedding dress must be perfect, and this might require a few modifications. If you’ve found a great garment but aren’t entirely happy with it, here are a few ways you can improve its look and function.

What Can You Alter on a Wedding Dress?

1. Hem

Brides must be able to walk comfortably in their wedding dresses. Fortunately, it’s easy for custom tailors to fix dresses that are too long.

To find the right length, you’ll need to bring the shoes you plan to wear at the reception and ceremony so the tailor can take appropriate measurements. If you’re wearing more than one pair, bring both to ensure the hem is perfect no matter what’s on your feet.

2. Back

Manhattan, NY wedding dressMany dresses are backless or have low-cut backs, which not all brides like.

A little extra fabric might be all you need to feel more comfortable. Adding more material can also give the dress more structure to help it stay in place. In some instances, a tailor can replace a simple zipper with a feature that elevates the look of the garment, like an eyelet or corset back.  

3. Neckline

Changing the neckline has a dramatic effect on how the piece looks.

You might love a dress’s draping, for example, but not want to show cleavage. In this case, a tailor will add a panel to the front to increase your comfort. It’s also possible to remove material from the neckline to reveal more skin. These changes even help make a particular style more appropriate for the season of your wedding.

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