One of the many benefits of buying a custom suit is the fact that you get to choose your own lining. While mostly hidden from view, the lining is a key feature of a suit’s coat because it adds weight, improves how it hangs, and conceals its inner construction. Below are some tips to help you select the best lining for a tailor-made suit.

3 Considerations When Choosing a Custom Suit Coat Lining

1. Type of Suit

Think about the type of suit you’re getting when choosing a lining. For a two-piece, the lining will only be used on the inside of the coat and will remain mostly unseen. However, for a three-piece style, the lining will be more visible, as it also appears on the waistcoat. This should help you make a decision when it comes to selecting the color and pattern of your fabric.

2. Versatility & Style

If you’reNew York Custom Suit looking for a versatile option that’s simple and appropriate for all occasions, try matching your lining to your suit’s cloth. This will help to avoid clashing with the majority of your shirts and ties.

However, if you’re looking for a statement piece, choose a lining with a bold color or opt for a unique pattern to show off your individual style and taste. If you’re a dog lover, for instance, you might consider a pooch-themed print.

3. Warmth of Fabric

Another key factor to consider would be the weight and warmth of the fabric lining. Do you plan on wearing your custom suit in colder weather or during the summer? For example, silk is a popular choice because it’s soft and luxurious. However, it’s also a warm fabric that could be uncomfortable to wear during the summer months.

Ask your tailor for fabric recommendations depending on the season you’re considering wearing it. They will know which fabrics are best suited to different temperatures.


For more tips on how to choose the perfect lining for your custom suit, contact Wo’s Custom Tailoring in New York City. Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, this custom tailor has more than 40 years of experience creating high-quality bespoke men’s suits. Visit their website to learn more, or call (212) 988-9889 to speak with a tailor.