Finding a flattering suit at the store can be a challenge. While suit alteration is an effective way to get well-fitting garments, there are also a few features to look for while you’re shopping for pieces. Use the guide below to pick pants, dress shirts, and blazers that make you look tall and slender.

What to Look for in a Suit

Cuffing your pants makes your legs look shorter because of the visible demarcation. Ensure that the hems never bunch up over the shoes, as crumpling makes them seem overly long. Instead, have the ends stitched in to create a seamless appearance.

A low crotch drop gives the impression of shorter legs, so go for medium- or high-rise pants to create the illusion of height. Skip pleats and opt for a slim cut that tapers at the ankles for slender, long legs.

For the top, stick to slim-fit dress shirts or those that fit closer to the chest. Pick shorter jackets to expose more of the legs. Thinner lapels and shoulder seams that end close to the body also make you look taller and leaner.

Why a Tailor Can Be Your Best Friend

suit alterationIf you have a suit that fits loosely, get a suit alteration at a tailor. Aside from adjusting the garment for your height, a professional might taper the shoulders of the jacket for a slimmer look.

If you have difficulty finding pieces that flatter you, have a custom suit made. The tailor takes your measurements to design pieces that match your build and personal style. This way, you can pick all details about the garment, including the colors, buttons, and fabric.


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