More and more businesses are embracing the benefits of the work-from-home model, which offers more flexibility and massive cost savings. However, it also introduces technological challenges, especially if members of your staff are using different devices with varying levels of performance. Fully managed IT services can help resolve these issues, allowing you to take advantage of a remote workforce without sacrificing security or efficiency.

How Managed IT Services Support Remote Workforces

1. Implementing Cloud Services

Cloud services, which house your software and data on an off-site server, are the backbone of a remote workforce. These services ensure that everyone on your team is using the same program and has easy access to the files and information they need. Coworkers on opposite sides of the world can even work on the same file in real time.

However, implementing these services can be difficult, especially if your IT infrastructure was designed for in-office work. A managed IT provider can provide the guidance you need and make integrating these programs as seamless as possible.

2. Providing Enhanced Security

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Data breaches and malware attacks pose a serious threat to businesses of any size, especially if you’re adopting a remote working model. No matter what cybersecurity measures you implement, there’s no way to control the security levels of your employees’ networks.

Managed IT services employ teams of security professionals who will monitor your network for suspicious activity. Even if an employee’s system is compromised, your IT provider has the tools and expertise to identify the threat before they damage your network.

3. Providing 24/7 Support

Most managed IT services will assign an engineer to monitor your network and troubleshoot issues as they arise. However, they also have other staff members to provide additional support when needed, creating redundancy with 24-hour coverage.

This ensures someone is available to resolve issues no matter when they arise. Along with 24-hour availability, you’ll also have access to professionals with expertise in a wide range of areas without hiring additional IT staff.


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