When you’re setting up your office building or business, one of the essential services you’ll need to plan for is the internet. This boosts productivity, offers access to a world of information, and makes communication fast and simple. While in the past, you would have needed wired connections for every workstation, today’s wireless internet technology makes internet access much simpler in the following ways.

Why Add Wireless Internet to Your Business?

1. Easier Installation

A wired connection requires yards of cable and multiple junctions in the walls of your building. These take time to install and need to be placed by an expert, which can be expensive. Wireless internet uses less hardware, which is easier and more affordable to set up.

2. Flexible Access

wireless internetWhen you rely on a wired connection for internet access, you're limited to a specific number of devices online at once. You can also only get access in the locations with an ethernet port. Alternatively, with wireless, you can access the internet from anywhere within the router's range. If your business' network and hardware are set up correctly, this means you'll be able to work from anywhere in the building, and often outside as well, giving you the freedom to move people and devices at your convenience.

3. Easier Maintenance & Scaling

Since a wireless system uses less hardware and is in more accessible locations in your building, it's easier to inspect, troubleshoot, repair, or replace as needed. It's also simpler to add to. You can bring more people onto your network without any more hardware, and when you do need to add routers or increase your bandwidth, installation is once again simple.


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