While many people take using appliances or switching on lights for granted, electricity is something homeowners rely on every day. In fact, the individual components of a home electrical system—which include circuits, wires, and a breaker box—must function optimally to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere. By understanding the system, you’ll be able to better identify issues if they arise. Here’s what you need to know.  

What Are the Main Components of a Home Electrical System?

Electricity starts at your local power company and is dispersed to individual homes via overhead lines. Each house has a meter, which is often attached to the home itself. This helps the power company determine how much power each household is using. From the lines, power is sent to the electrical panel, or breaker box, which is usually located in the basement. 

breaker boxThe breaker box is the central hub for your home’s electricity. It transmits power via individual circuits. Tripped circuits or breakers can occur due to power surges or overloads. Electricity is then sent to receptacles, or outlets, where appliances can get power. Electricity is also sent to switches, which are responsible for breaking or completing a circuit. 

How Can You Tell If There Are Issues?

While you’ll need a professional electrician to address most problems, being able to identify issues before they get worse is key. Flickering lights usually signal a circuit overload, as lights don’t use much electricity to operate. Hot outlets indicate a wiring issue, especially when the outlet remains hot even when an appliance isn’t plugged in.

Like flickering lights, tripped breakers could be caused by overloaded outlets, especially if a major appliance is plugged in. If this happens often, you may need a major electrical overhaul so your home’s electrical system can meet your needs. 


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