Having an in-ground pool installed is an excellent way to boost your home’s value and get the most enjoyment out of your property. With such a significant investment, however, you must ensure your pool contractor is offering you certain guarantees of quality and product protection. The best in the business offer what are known as transferable warranties. Here’s a closer look at what these are and why they matter. 

What Are In-Ground Pool Warranties? 

There are many types of in-ground pool warranties. Manufacturers of fiberglass in-ground pools, for instance, might offer a structural warranty, which covers the pool shell, in addition to a warranty that separately covers its protective gel coating. Precise terms vary, but they’re generally covered for years or even decades. There can also be equipment warranties for all the accessories that come with the pool, from the pump and the chlorinator to the filters and the lights. Many policies cover these for one to three years. Then, lastly, there are warranties for workmanship to ensure problems that arise are addressed. This may cover pool shifting or settlement or leaks in the plumbing or fittings.

What Is a Transferable Warranty? 

in-ground poolA transferable warranty means that if you decide to sell your home within the warranty period, the warranty will shift to the new owner. This can be very reassuring to potential buyers, who don’t want to purchase your property only to find they have to foot the bill for pool repairs. By having this coverage, you’re more likely to see the full 8% return on investment in-ground pools can provide. Even if you don’t plan to sell soon, given that some of these warranties can last for half a century, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re prepared should your plans change. 



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