Maintaining a clean indoor space is essential for controlling exposure to dust mites and allergens. However, these allergens also attach themselves to fabrics and upholstery, which is why it’s critical to wash your laundry on a routine basis. Whether you have seasonal allergies or are affected by certain triggers, follow these laundry tips to help reduce your symptoms. 

3 Laundry Tips to Remove Allergens from Fabrics

1. Use Hot Water

Hot water is often used for removing deep stains and grime, but it’s also best for killing bacteria and dust mites. Wash your bed sheets and blankets in water that’s at least 130° F. Be careful with colorful clothing, as hot water can cause the dyes to bleed; instead, dry these clothes on a high heat setting. 

2. Purchase Allergy-Friendly Detergent

laundry tipsMany laundry products contain fragrances that can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Purchase unscented detergent and softener or look for other products designed specifically for sensitivity. You can also make your own products using natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. 

3. Avoid Hanging Clothes Outdoors

While hanging clothes outdoors is an eco-friendly way of drying your laundry, it can also cause health problems. Pollen and dust will attach to the fabrics and trigger allergy symptoms. Consider hanging your clothes on a drying rack indoors or using a dryer at your local laundromat. 


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